FIFA are so sexist even sexists disagree with them!

The post(reproduced below) by the excellent Jennifer Doyle just sums up how arrogant FIFA are. They know they are being sexist in playing the 2015 Women’s World Cup on artificial turf so they bully players into pulling out of their lawsuit. To their credit players – including Camille Abily one of my personal favourites -have filed a retaliation complaint. AND the number of players on the suit has gone UP not DOWN
But that sums up the hypocrisy of the football establishment. An example. In 1973, because of a three-day work week in the UK caused by oil and coal shortages, floodlights at football matches were banned and clubs were banned from using private generators. It should be explained that a factory that had a private generator was treated as an exception to the three-day week and was allowed to open five days a week. The football establishment complained that they were being treated differently from any other industry and wanted to be allowed to use private generators.
Yet two years later in 1975, the UK Government passed the Sex Discrimination Act and football was exempt from it. The football establishment wanted this exemption as they showed in 1978 when they won a court case against a 12-year-old girl! To fight a 12-year-old girl in court is pathetic – but the main point is they wanted to be treated the same as everybody else when it came to the use of private generators but not when it came to sex discrimination!
This hypocrisy still goes on to this day. FIFA bans government interference in football affairs – but forces governments to change their countries’ laws so they can host the World Cup!
FIFA need to be chopped down to size and lets hope this court complaint does this. But the amazing thing is I’ve got friends who in football are sexists. They think women’s football is rubbish and ridicule Doyle’s vision of a world where Marta and Neymar play together. And yet even they think the Women’s World Cup should be played on grass!
Yes FIFA are so sexist even my sexist friends disagree with them. This is the equivalent of being kicked out of the Ku Klux Klan for being too racist…

The Sport Spectacle

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Most sex discrimination complaints break down not around the original discriminatory action, but around retaliation. Threats of retaliation escalate the problem created by the defendant’s sexism. They demonstrate a disregard for the process; they are easier to track and to prove. They are, also, against all sorts of laws.

So how does FIFA respond to the sex discrimination complaint filed by 40 women players, regarding FIFA and CSA’s decision to play the Women’s World Cup on artificial turf?

FIFA threatens players from a handful of FAs that it thinks it can bully—Mexico, Costa Rica and France (which wants to host the next women’s World Cup). Officials told women on these teams to withdraw their names from the complaint or they would not be selected to play and, in the case of France, their country might risk losing its future bid.

Result: said players withdraw their names—and file a retaliation…

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