The male football blob that swamps women’s football

In football it is Champions League final week. This would be a surprise to most people who would say that the Champions League is only at the Semi Final stage but I’m talking about the women’s Champions League – the final of which is on Thursday night between Frankfurt and Paris Saint-Germain in Berlin. The fact that most people don’t know this only proves the sexism that still bedevils the football establishment.

The women’s Champions League Final is usually held on the Thursday before the men’s Final which is held on a Saturday. But not this year. Part of the reason is the women’s World Cup in Canada which starts in June. This meant the women’s final had to be played earlier than usual. But there was no reason why the men’s Final couldn’t have been brought forward as well. The last 16 of the men’s Champions League was played over four weeks from February 17th to March 18th to suit television. They could very easily have played both the last sixteen and the last eight in those four weeks and the final could have been played in the same week as the women’s Final.

Why does this matter? First of all putting the women’s final on in the same week  as the men’s Final gives the women’s final more publicity. Secondly the men’s Final is on June 6th this year. The women’s World cup starts on June 5th. The men’s Champions League Final being on at the same time denies the Women’s World Cup  the oxygen of publicity as we all know the media will concentrate on the men’s event.

And this is not the only example of the men’s game swamping the women’s game. During the period that the women’s World Cup takes place there are also qualifiers for Euro 2016, the Copa America in Chile plus the European Under 21 Championship in the Czech Republic. All of these events will deprive the women’s World Cup of publicity.

This just proves that men’s football is like the Steve McQueen film “The Blob” where an alien monster eats up anything and everything. Men’s football is like that. There is far too much of it. There is no reason whatsoever why men’s football shouldn’t take a break during the women’s World Cup. During the men’s World Cup it was the only football taking place. There is no reason that should also apply during the women’s event.

The reason that happens is the football establishment does not want women’s football to become popular so it swamps the market with male football. For example Michel Platini the president of UEFA is an ex footballer from the 1970s/80s which is a group of people that is not exactly the most sympathetic to women’s football. Same with the English FA. They know they can’t ban women’s football. But by swamping the market with men’s football they deny women’s football – which suffers from a lack of press coverage – publicity.

Its time to cut down male football – especially on TV. The Europa League (as I wrote before) should be scrapped. So should the League Cup in England which was created by Alan Hardaker – a guy so anti European if he was alive now he’d be kicked out of UKIP for being too anti European! Both are examples of stinking puss in the fixture list that frankly would not be missed.

Also another puzzle is why does fifth division men’s football get press and TV coverage  – more than women’s football does? That plainly is nonsense. If I was in charge of football only the top two divisions of male football would be live on TV. I would also insist that if a TV company has a contract to cover the men’s event it MUST also cover the women’s event. The semi-Finals of the women’s Champions League were not covered on UK television. Which is plainly nonsense .

Women’s football could grow – if the football establishment would only allow it to grow. It is time to cut the male football blob down to size. Men’s football on TV should be cut down in the interests of gender equality. And there should be no professional men’s football during the Women’s World Cup or the Women’s Euros. The male football “blob” is so dominant that surely taking a month off every two years will not harm men’s football. Women’s football deserves a stage all to itself every two years. The blob of male football should cut the women’s game some slack.

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