I Hate FIFA More Than You Do, a poem

I was going to write about the re election of that sexist bastard Sepp Blatter as FIFA president. He’ll probably change the rules so that he will be FIFA president after he is dead! But someone has done it far better than I could.So I’ve reblogged this poem by the excellent Jennifer Doyle instead. Sums up how I feel.

PS – I don’t hate Manchester United (apart from their dispicable treatment of their women’s team)

The Sport Spectacle

I hate Sepp Blatter

as much as I hated Jesse Helms, may that homophobic, racist monster rot in hell.

I hate FIFA

as much as I hate the contemporary art market, which is run by bankers and assholes.

I hate Sepp Blatter

more than I am disgusted by rotten meat.

I hate FIFA

in exactly the same way that I hate Capitalism.

I hate Sepp Blatter

more than I hate Manchester United.

I hate FIFA

with a white-hot passion that seems to know no scale.

I hate Sepp Blatter

only slightly less than I hate the assault on all educational structures that do not service the rich.

I hate FIFA

more than I hate the structural sexism of my workplace, which surprises me.

I hate Sepp Blatter

more than you do, unless you aren’t on FIFA’s payroll, in which case

You hate FIFA as much, maybe even more than I do.

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