Women are Strong, but not Strong Enough…

Like A Girl

queens_u_hockey_team_1917In 1898 a German doctor came to the conclusion that physical activity was damaging to a woman’s body.  Specifically stating that, “violent movements of the body can cause a shift in the position and a loosening of the uterus as well as prolapse and bleeding, with resulting sterility, thus defeating a woman’s true purpose in life, i.e., the bringing forth of strong children.” More recently, a basketball coach in 1967 expressed that women would never play the sport in the same way as men. The fear was that with too much excessive jumping, a woman would displace her uterus. While girls and women on the surface do not seem to encounter these same unfounded assumptions about their bodies, how far has sport truly come in terms of physical expectations?

Currently, many sports that boys and men have enjoyed for centuries are now available to girls and women.  While access has…

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