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It is time for Royal Family to skip a generation

The heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, has created a diplomatic storm this week. While on a visit to Canada, he spoke to a jewish woman who’d fled Poland during World War II that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is doing just about the same as Hitler” in Ukraine. It was a stupid remark that should not have been made by someone in his position.
First of all Charles is Britain’s next Head of State. The Monarch in Britain is a figurehead. He/she goes on tour to represent Britain. He/she is an ambassador for the country. It is not an ambassador’s job to criticise another country. It is up to Prime Minister David Cameron or foreign secretary William Hauge to do this. Secondly it is an insulting remark. Whatever you think of Putin – and while he is a dangerous man in my opinion he’s no Hitler – Russia lost 20 million men fighting Hitler. Of course they are going to be offended.
This wouldn’t be a problem if it was a one off. But it is not. He has written letters to British Government ministers that the Guardian newspaper wants to publish – quite rightly – under the UK’s Freedom of Information act. The Attorney General Dominic Grieve is trying to block their publication. While one does not know what is in them they can be taken as controversial if the Government is trying to block their publication. Why should Charles be protected?
It is now clear that this man would be a disaster as King. He is not popular in Britain – for the way he treated the popular Diana – and his wife Camilla even less so – they had an affair when Charles was still married to Diana. He is also a “loose cannon” who as King could cause serious problems if he got involved in a political issue or made another diplomatic blunder like the Putin one. He could seriously damage the royal family, now popular again after a bad spell between the Queen’s annus horribilis of 1992 and Diana’s death in 1997. He could put the future of the monarchy in danger.
However there is a solution. Charles’ son Prince William and his wife Kate are very popular as their recent tour of Australia and New Zealand showed. They are the future of the royal family. So why not skip a generation? Charles could renounce his claim to the throne and when his mother the Queen dies the crown would pass to William instead. Charles would then be free to speak his mind without causing a fuss and the future of the monarchy would be safe in William’s hands.
it probably won’t happen. Charles has been preparing for the job of King all his life. But there is no shame in sacrificing yourself for the greater cause of the monarchy. Republicanism – in decline in Britain at the moment – is only a bad monarch away from a resurgence. Charles should admit he is not up to the job. For the sake of its future the Royal Family should skip a generation. Otherwise we could have a Republic. Tony Blair as British President anyone?